CD welding, use in the automotive sector

Various primary applications for CD welding exist in vehicle construction.
The most important are:

  • Welding high-strength and press-hardened steels (e.g. 22MnB5)
  • Welding components for gearboxes and drive trains
  • Welding coated body shell components
  • Welding sealing connections

CD welding has proven to be a preferable welding process through which to safely fasten weld screws or nuts to press-hardened components produced from 22MnB5 (e.g. with aluminium-silicon coating). In particular the layer thickness fluctuations that arise due to the influence variables of hot forming require a stable and reproducible welding process. The combination of CD welding and tailored quality assurance delivers precisely this.

Similarly complex is the welding of annealed components. Our new CP (combined pulse technology) technology facilitates flexible setting options and short process times. The targeted influencing of the weld current enables process control in accordance with requirements for the first time. In this way it is possible to use pre-pulses specifically for surface conditioning or pre-heating for example.

Welded connections with circular projections are often not only required to satisfy certain strength requirements, but must also remain pressure-tight against a range of media. Small inaccuracies can cause leaks. The precise component preparation must then be reflected in a precise process. Only if this is stable can component-related deviations be detected during the welding process.