The focus lies on the joining technology

The use of the system technology for CD welding is determined by the joining task to be fulfilled. In order to satisfy the constantly increasing requirements placed on the welding process by new materials even more fully, Kapkon places even greater significance on the analysis/investigation of joining processes. As such, the joining technology test centre (FtVZ) in Oyten near Bremen opened its doors in December 2017.

In 2020 this center was moved to the company’s headquarter in Bad Salzuflen. The FtVZ is equipped with a modern laboratory for capacitor discharge welding, in which basic investigations are performed on focal topics of the HWH Group and analyses are carried out for the joining tasks of customers. Furthermore, interested parties are offered the opportunity of using the lab for their own test series.

In their work, the employees are not only dependent on their own expertise. Through close collaboration with universities and polytechnics, work takes place on cooperation projects concerning research topics of interest to both parties. Furthermore, the FtVZ is also able to utilise test and measuring processes that would otherwise not stand available to Kapkon.

Only a few weeks after opening its doors, important topics are shaping work at the centre. A process was initially developed, through which it is possible to determine the electrical basic parameters resistance, inductance and capacitance of a CD machine. With this, it was possible to establish the basis for considering welding results in relation to the machine characteristics. In following up this work, the employees are presently applying themselves to the focal areas in the latest reports.