KCA – Kapkon Current Analysis

DC-test machine (static, dynamic)



  • electrical heating and classification of material and connection properties
  • reproducible continuous current and/or short circuit current (incl. software monitoring)
  • dynamic DC-application currents between 300A and 20.000A
  • flexible adjustable current application (times adjustable down to 0.001s)
  • data acquisition temperature (3x), current (1x) and voltage (1x)
  • monitoring resolution (30s with 500 measuring points)
  • data export as .csv data

Application segments

  • test of joint – and geometry properties in current and high current applications


  • simulation charging EV
  • simulation dynamic racetrack application EV (stress profiles)
mechanical safety and electrical long-term stability of the connections
  • defined heating of electrically conductive components (temperature-controlled)
component temperature control according to requirements


example image / illustration shows optional equipment

core components / modular design

  • mobile test machine with secured sample room
  • MFDC-inverter
  • MFDC-transformer
  • cooling system prepared
  • software KCA

optional equipment

  • advanced measurement technology
  • cooling specific to the application
  • application-specific component mounts

Schematic measurement setup KCA

mechanical protection and electrical longterm stability
of the connections / defined heating

Design of optimal test routine


  • inspection piece (geometry, material)
  • stress profile (current, temperature)


documentation of the operating behavior

  • period of time
  • temperature
  • voltage
  • resistance

Operating concept KCA

Optional upgrade possibilities

integration into advanced audit trail, such as:

  • contact resistance measurement using 4-wire-method (before, duringand after KCA testprogram)
  • climatic chamber, e.g. thermal shock test
  • mechanical testing
Here you can download the data sheet for the KCA DC current application test bench.